Client service

Dirk's client engagements cover a broad rang of strategic and operational areas. To enhance value in day-to-day operations Dirk works on typically cost focussed operational improvements as well as on new business development initiatives. In distressed business situations, often triggered by breakage of financial covenants or even the threat of bancruptcy, Dirk embarks on large scale restructurings often involving balance sheet and operational adjustments. In those engagements Dirk also assumes interim management positions allowing for direct negotiations with financing partners or labor representatives. In change-of-ownership or privatization engagements Dirk covers pre-transaction stages such as strategy development and opganizational preparation as well as post-transaction stages of merger- and post-merger-management.

The form of Dirk's engagement is strictly determined by his clients' needs and can range from board supervision over management consulting to interim management.

From an industry perspective, Dirk concentrates on traditional industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, utilities and heavy and light machinery. Geogpahically Dirk has worked extensively in Europe, North- and South America, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Dirk's greatest impact is in situations where he works the full cycle from strategy development to operational implementation thus making sure that potential losses on the way are kept to a minimum.